I have been developing Android apps since 2010, and graduated with a Master's in Informatics in 2014, and after that worked very much with pretty much just programming the fuck out of computers, setting up and running Linux servers and et cetera, and just getting down with my fingers on the keyboard 24 seven! I used to be mostly Android and Java recently it's been more Python and data management, and web server and front end development with React and stuff like that.

If you need someone who gets into it quick, and is good at communicating and working in a team of various technical levels, then I'm definitely your guy -- and I don't have the overhead of middle management and those guys in the consultancy companies so I'm so much better bang for your buck.

Please contact me on if you are in need of a software developer consultant. No task is too small nor too big to at least ask about. I have a strong background in Android and Java, and can easily switch to most other platforms as well, with experience in Python, React, Rust, C/C++, and lots and lots of GNU/Linux.

Current status is: Open for projects

Additionally, check out Brainbase for some other really good people.