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After I quit my job at a bioinformatics startup here in Oslo, Norway, I had a lot of time on my hands, and wanted to do something productive with it.

I'm not sure what I want in life as a whole, but in general I know I'd appreciate if we progress the human understanding and competence in biological science and engineering across all fields. If I want that to happen, I know for sure that if I contribute to it, it will happen faster, so I think I should do that. The problem is I'm not exactly sure how to do it, and what's needed. So I just started with this (anatview.com), as a sort of scratchbook, and also as a tool to solve a problem I was wondering about myself.

What it does

The original problem that the website (web app/whatever you wanna call it) solves, is to show how many genes are on each chromosome, and how big each of the chromosomes are, in terms of base pairs. Other than that, you can also browse each individual gene on the chromosomes to see what they do, and where they're located, but I'm not sure how useful that really is. I ended up getting a contracting job that I'm still engaged with, so that's kept me busy for a while, but it might end quite soon, and then I'll be back with a higher capacity for and with pent up creativity, so I hope will be able to create more tools. I have some ideas already.

Some more background about me

I originally studied computer science at university, but found out that I'm also intrigued with more fundamental science, the natural world, and amongst other things in it the human body. For that reason I found myself going back to university a few years into my professional life to get some more fundamental knowledge, before continuing. TL;DR I got a bachelor's in molecular biology and biochemsitry.

Please contact me

If you have any ideas or need something, email me at simen.russnes@gmail.com

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