Soundboard1 App released by Modularity AS!

We are very excited to announce that our affiliate company Modularity AS has released a new application called Soundboard1!

It is an online web application that allows users to easily create their own soundboard and customize with their own sounds. As it is a native web application, it uses some clever tricks to run smoothly in your browser, and feels just like you were running a desktop application.

The lead developer of the application, Simen Russnes, is very excited about the release as it comes as a result of him finally having had time to work on projects with his own company, Modularity AS. For a while up until recently he was very busy working with another Norwegian-based startup. "Working with others and helping them with their projects is absolutely great and fun, but nothing beats a project where you yourself have absolute complete creative control." He writes.

We hope you'll be as excited as us about the release, and make sure to check out the Soundboard1 app over at!

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